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T-Shirt Printer | Screen Printing

Becoming the best t-shirt printer in the industry is the primary goal of Monument Limited. This is a big goal and every year we get a little closer to achieving it. We provide our customers with top quality screen printing at super competitive prices while keeping focus on producing the highest quality t-shirt printing at prices that people can afford.

A good screen print is the result of great art, proper screen selection, press setup, and ink choice.
From the start of a new job we emphasize the importance of high quality art. The better the art provided the easier it is to control the final print. We select our screens and mesh based on a series of rules set by us from years of experience. On press the key to good ink coverage is keeping pallets maintained level and smooth our printer takes time to constantly maintain the press and keep it in top shape. We utilize specific off contact based on ink color and coverage to lay ink on the tees as smooth as butter. Customers often complain that the the print on the shirts they got from their old t-shirt printer cracked after a few washes. There is a specific reason this happens. We take all the necessary precautions to make sure the ink will last for hundreds of washes. In most cases the print will outlast the shirt you buy from the printer.

How to choose a good t-shirt printer

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a t-shirt printer. Every screen print shop will boast that they have the best quality screen prints, fastest turn around, and best prints, truth is; quality will vary from t-shirt printer to t-shirt printer. Look for images or samples of past jobs. You might want to be able to visit the shop. Perhaps you prefer talking to a screen printer in person. Do you want them to provide an online designer so you can create graphics for screen printing yourself? Every t shirt printer is different and there is no one size fits all shop. Decide what is important to you then reach out to three or four screen printing shops, get prices, and see how you vibe with each t shirt printer.
Graphic Design Done Right.

If you have an idea in your head but have never used graphic design software try our incredible Design Lab. The Lab is super easy to use, filled with thousands of pre-made templates, and clip-art elements to help you create the perfect design. Our Design Lab is second to none but if you need help with your design, we are available to help you create a logo, t shirt graphics, streetwear designs, business cards, posters, and fliers for screen printing, web sites, and print flyers. when you have the design you want we are available to be your t-shirt printer.

The Design Process.

The Brief: We like to start each new design project with a short design brief. This brief allows us to get a better understanding of what you are looking to achieve with your graphic. Do you need a logo for your t-shirt printer to print on a shirt? Maybe you need a Website created, a brochure designed, or a full business identity. Thumbnails: We begin our design price’s by creating a series of thumbnail sketches on paper on in Photoshop. These thumbnail are not meant to look good. they help the customer and designer experiment quickly with different layout ideas and choose a course of action to take visually. Design: Its time to start creating the design we will create a series of ideas in rough mode to present to you these will be rough ideas that are not finalized but give you a good idea of the final look. this is the point where you as the client can stop and decide to keep going or change directions with the design. Revisions: We will do revisions until the design is exactly the way you want it. When everything is perfect we will out put your design in all the necessary formats and email you all of the original files as well as back them up on the cloud.

Low resolution logo recreation

This is the most common type of design work we do. In most cases the business owner had a logo made years ago but has lost the file, so they go to the company website and right click save the logo image on the head and email it to the t-shirt printer. web graphics are compressed to load fast over an internet connection. they don’t have the resolution for your t-shirt printer to create films with. This is where we come in. Send us your logo and we recreate it in scale-able vector format. Vector graphics don’t have pixels so you can scale them as big or as small as you need to. When we are done we will send you the file for printing.
Online Design Lab

Our online design lab puts thousands of dollars worth of clip-art, fonts, and design templates at your fingertips free of charge. With our easy to use software you can create the perfect t shirt graphic for your reunion, business, club, team, league, or event and have us screen print it for you.

Pick a Garment: Start by looking through our perfectly cultivated selection of garments. Each garment in our list is chosen because of screen print ability, price, and quality. No fluff just the best. Next Level, Gildan, Hanes, Alstyle, Spectra, Bella Create your design: The fun of screen printing starts here If you are feeling creative you can start from scratch, Select your fonts, clip-art, and backgrounds creating any number of amazing designs. Or you can pick a pre-made graphic and modify it to fit your needs, change the name in the text, change the colors, and add or remove elements from the design. Order: Ordering your shirts is easy, you can process the order and pay online, or you can call and place the order over the phone. If you have a question about the designer give us a call and we can walk you through it.