Clothing Line Printing Done Right

Clothing Line Printing done Right at Monument Limited. 24 White shirts for $99 all day everyday. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that this is the best deal you can find. Choose Monument, save some cash, enjoy the t-shirts.

If you are and event planer, promoter, business owner, architect, designer, or clothing line. This deal is perfect for you. You can get, great marketing tools for your clients to wear that wont destroy your wallet. You know that these days business cards get misplaced lost and or thrown away. But a t-shirt get’s saved, worn, re-worn and in allot of ways becomes part of the person that wears it. Can you ask for any better marketing material than that?? It’s highley unlikley. So Call 602 904 3366 to place your first order for your wearable calling card.

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Clothing Line Printing Done Right | Monument Limited
Clothing Line Printing Done Right | Monument Limited

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