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In this tutorial video I teach you How to Silk Screen Print a t-shirt for cheap with no equipment.

How to Silk Screen Print a t-shirt at home for cheap Here is a list of things you will need.

1 exposed screen covered in a previous video.
1 14×20 inch ¾ in thick board.
2 clamps like this or this.
1 12” squeegee
1 roll Screen tape
Spray tack
1 100% black cotton t-shirt
1 heat gun
1 qt White plastisol ink
1 ink spatula.
1 qt emulsion remover and a spray bottle
1 garden hose and a spray nozzle

Step 1 Taping the screen
This step prevents ink from leaking out around the edge of the screen.
Use the tape to create a damn inside all four edges of the screen
and tape the registration marks from the bottom.

Step 2 ink the screen
Use the spatula to scoop the ink out of the container and spread it evenly below the image.
Prop your squeegee up on the bar of and set the screen aside.

Step 3 load the tee and screen
Spray a light mist of spray tack onto the board and load the t shirt onto the board.
Make sure the tee is straight and centered on the board.
Use your hand to smooth the shirt onto the board.
Lay the board with the t-shirt on a table
Grab the screen and place it over the shirt board
Use the clamps to secure the screen and board to a table.

Step 4 Make the print
Use the squeegee to pull ink across the image maintain a solid consistent downward pressure to drive the ink onto the shirt below the screen.
Do a second pass to ensure good ink coverage.
Unclasp the screen from the table and lift if from the shirt.
Step 5 Cure the print.
Wave the heat gun over the image to cure the ink. Plastisol ink needs to hit 320 degrees to achieve a full cure.
You can also use your home oven. Preheat the oven to 320 degrees. Place the tee on a cookie sheet into the oven for 60 seconds. Your tee will be ready to wear.

Achieving a bright white print on a dark garment requires a second hit of ink. This method is not achievable with these tools.
However using black ink on light shirt will look great using this method Silk Screen Print a t-shirt at home for cheap.

Step 6 clean up
Use your ink spatula to remove the ink from the screen. Place it back into the ink container, remove the tape and chuck it in the trash.
If you are done with this image you can reclaim the screen and use it for a different graphic.
Wet both sides of the screen then apply the emulsion remover to both sides of the screen. Let the screen set for 3-5 min and then scour that puppy with the scrub pad to loosen the emulsion from the mesh.
Spray the flat side of the screen until the emulsion is fully washed away. In some cases a second pass with the emulsion remover is necessary.

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