Live Onsite Event Screen Printing

People love t-shirts!

Our Live Screen Printing service can help your brand engage existing and potential clients with your original message.
Live Onsite Printing provides incentive for potential clients to submit contact info or interact with your booth.

Live Screen Printing Makes Your Event Booth Stand Out!

The best part is its super affordable, and requires very little work on your part.

Step 1

The client starts by selecting the product they want to customize.

Step 2

The client selects 1-4 graphics and the print locations for each graphic.

Step 3

We print the graphics, and hand the ready to wear item to the client.

This process is complete between 1-5 minuets depending on how many graphics the customer picks.

Hire Monument for your Next Live Screen Printing Event.

Before the Event

There are a few simple steps that need to be completed before the day of the event.

We need all client provided art work 2 weeks before the event. If we are providing the art we will submit art mock of all graphics that must be approved by the client 2 weeks before event day.The Garments to be Printed”Many of our clients provide their own t shirts on the day of the event. If you do not want to provide the garment we are happy to order and supply the garments for you.We can pre-print labels, hem tag, and neck tags to help you maintain a consistent brand image for your event. We will need you to submit the art 2 weeks before the event so that we can print the garments prior to the event date.

Custom Headline

  1. 8′ x 8′ work space per press
  2. one dedicated 15-amp circuit within 5 feet of the work space. (We do not provide a power source unless requested by the client)
  3. Max of six screens per Press.
  4. Covered work area and walls to block wind.
  5. Good air ventilation.


Monument Supplied Garments.

When you order your blank tees through us, we will have the garments shipped directly to your facility in advance.

If we will be providing the garments please allow 2 weeks before the event date to place your garment order.

Client Supplied Garments

Some of our clients provide their own blanks for the event. We just show up and customize them.