Live Screen Printing

“Provide a fun and interactive experience at your event with live screen printing. This activity will get attendees involved and leave them with a lasting impression.”

Monument Limited is ready to activate at events, parties, concerts, and tradeshows.

Provide Your Art

Provide up to 6 single color graphics

 Then Combine multiple graphics for a one-of-a-kind ready to wear custom tee.

Create Art in our Custom Design Lab

Use our extensive clipart library and design lab to create custom graphics for your event.

Print Colors

Choose from a series of high opacity stock ink colors

Or we can mix any custom pantone color to perfectly match your brand identity.

Two Moble Print Studio Options

Economy Studio

Includes: 1 Live Screen Printing pro

1 six color press

Produces between 55-75 pcs per hour.

This set up requires

  • 2 6ft Folding Tables
  • 6×8 space
  • One Dedicated 15 amp circuit

Full Production Studio

Full Production Studio

Includes: 2 Screen Printing Pros

1 six color 2 station press

Produces between 110-150 pcs per hour

This set up requires

  • Five 6ft Folding Tables
  • 8×8 ft space
  • One 15 amp circuit



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Live Screen Printing is one of the biggest draws at any event.

We have created an amazing Live Screen Printing mobile studio. Our mobile screen print studio allows us to fly to events nation wide. We come equipped with everything needed to print your event including the 6 color screen printing press, the dryer, the ink, and the screens. We can even provide the blank garment if you need us to, we don’t typically fly with the t shirts but we will have them shipped to you 1 week before the event.

What makes our service special is our custom screen printing press. Other onsite printers only offer 4 colors per press we offer up to six. Our shirt pallets float above the table so we can load the t-shirt on the pallet just like we do on a professional production screen printing press, this custom feature allows us to provide a cleaner brighter print than our competitors.. We don’t use low paid first year printers our print pro’s have years of professional manual screen printing experience.

2 weeks before your event we need you to send us your art work. When we receive you art we will do digital mocks ups and email them for you to review and approve during this time if we are providing the blanks we will order  tees and have the t-shirt sent to you. After you approve the mock we will burn the screens and pack them up along with out mobile flash unit and 6 color mobile screen print studio. Depending on what time the event starts we will fly out the day before if the event starts in the morning. if the event starts in the evening we fly in the morning of and set up our mobile screen printing studio.

Our set up includes a pop up art board that displays the 6 designs for the guests to choose from. after they choose the graphic or multiple graphics they like one by one we print the art onto the shirt were ever the client wants it, cure it and hand the wearable art to the guest ready to wear.

One screen print pro with 1 live screen printing press can print between 55-75 pc per hour depending on how many graphics the client picks to print on their shirt. this translates to an average of nearly 400 printed custom t-shirts in a 6 hour span. At the end of the event we pack up the print studio in under an hour and uber our way to the airport.

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