Advanced Screen Printing with Jason Lablue

Advanced Screen Printing with Jason Lablue. Is the screen printing business a tough infuriating business? Yes! Dose that stop us from pursuing this field? Most of the time no! We are on a quest to find answers to complex processes, and sometimes we need advice from a reliable source. Jason Lablue is the Screen Print […]

Buying Your first Automatic Screen Printing Press.


Buying Your first Automatic Screen Printing Press. Today I’m going deep with Drew Konstantars on the topic of Screen Print Automation. I learn about his background in the screen print industry. and how he got started.  

Emulsion Screen Printing Tips and Tricks

Emulsion Screen Printing

Emulsion Screen Printing Tips and Tricks Master Class with Martin Medvetz from Chromaline Ever wonder how much of the emulsion info you hear is BS? Me to, in this podcast I talked with Martin Medvetz, a former Chemist turned emulsion guru, turned emulsion salesman for Chromaline. I have Emulsion questions, and he gives me emulsion […]

The Secret to Starting a Business as a Young Entrepreneur with Hunter Strine.

Talking with Hunter is very informative and fun. We talk about Technology and Business and I am excited and engaged in the conversation. Its the hunger of youth, I got that in spades, and the ability to talk about mutual interests. Motivation is flowing and inspiration is growing. Enjoy the conversation. We talk about all […]

Dylan Gilligan tells us how to start screen printing

In this episode, Dylan tells us how he got started, what he did wright, and what he did wrong in his business to get were he is today. After talking with Dylan I was reminded of how fun and privileged we are to be able to work for ourselves.