Emulsion Screen Printing Tips and Tricks
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Emulsion Screen Printing Tips and Tricks Master Class with Martin Medvetz from Chromaline

Ever wonder how much of the emulsion info you hear is BS? Me to, in this podcast I talked with Martin Medvetz, a former Chemist turned emulsion guru, turned emulsion salesman for Chromaline. I have Emulsion questions, and he gives me emulsion answers. I’m also introduction a new segment call Print Myth Busting. The idea is to get industry experts to bust myths submitted in the chat. and he busts all of the Emulsion Screen Printing myths.

After a brief introduction Martin dives head first into the chemistry of the different emulsion types. Using a visual aid to he explains the chemical reaction that happens when emulsion is hit with uv light. Now that we understand what happens. He is able to move onto the different types of emulsion available to screen printers and what would types are best for what applications.

there is allot to take in but after this podcast you will be screen printing emulsion pro.

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