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What Makes Monument a Great Screen Printing Shop?

We are a Screen Printing Shop with Experienced T-shirt Printers.

Screen printing is and art form that requires skill and experience to do well. Your t-shirts are printed by a T shirt Printer with 5+ years experience. loading a t-shirt straight, and printing the ink through the screen smooth, and thin, requires skill that can only be learned from years of hands on experience. Your graphics will be printed straight, soft, and silky smooth every time. if you are not completely satisfied we will print it until it’s right.

Through years of experimentation we have formulated the perfect screen printing ink and additive combination to take your screen prints to the next level.

We Keep Our Costs Low and Pass the Savings to You.

We don’t have fifty employees running around trying to look busy. We are a lean mean t-shirt printing machine located in Phoenix Arizona and serving all city and states including Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, Los Angeles Ca, And Las Vegas NV. Enjoy the savings!

We Combine Soft Hand Inks and Ring Spun Cotton T-shirt to Create a Fashion Staple.

Your prints will look like they belong in the LA Fashion District. With our signature soft feel, crisp print, and perfect placement.


Screen Printing t-shirts

I Need Help Picking a T-shirt.

There are three main categories that t-shirts fall into.
Standard tees are made of carded open end cotton. These tees usually weigh between 5 – 5.3 oz’s. Most band tour shirts are screen printed on these medium weight t-shirts.


How do I Create My Art for Screen Printing?

custom screen printing phoenix az


Plastisol Ink

screen printing plastisol ink

Plastisol inks are the standard garment screen printing ink. They are easy to print, very opaque, and will adhere to most textiles. Unless requested the colors tend to have a glossy look. The white has a heavy durable feel to it.

Discharge Ink

screen printing discharge ink

Discharge ink is a great option if you want a bright white print on a black shirt and don’t want a heavy ink deposit. Dye discharge actually replaces the dye in the garment, producing soft feel that everyone wants.

Water Based Ink

screen printing waterbased

Water based Ink dyes the fabric of the shirt. If you want your shirt print to be light, and soft, tell your t shirt printer you want water based ink.

Specialty Ink

screen printing high density

Specialty ink is any ink that is out side of standard printing practices. High Density, puff, shimmer, reflective, gel, and many others are available on request.