Soft hand screen printing is a perfect method to print toddler shirts.

I had the opportunity to print some amazing shirts for a designer toy company Sighfoo to compliment the stuffed toys she makes by hand.

1)      Tell us about! What do you make? 

I make stuffed animals from recycled sweaters. I’m a bit of a hippie.  I like to think my efforts combined with the efforts of others will make a positive impact on the world. That is one of the biggest reasons I use recycled sweaters, but it is not the only one. Old sweaters are just an awesome material to work with. I love finding new color patterns and textures — shopping for sweaters is a fun treasure hunt.


2)      When did you start making plushies and tshirts?  

I started making plushies about 4 years ago. I broke my foot in kung fu class and I was stuck in bed, so I sewed stuffed animals to pass the time. It all grew from there. Just a few weeks ago, I started designing shirts. I was inspired by our baby due any day now!


3)      Where can people go to buy your shirts?


I have an Etsy shop.  Also, they are available at Made Art Boutique ( in Phoenix, AZ and at Space Montrose ( in Houston, TX. You can also find us


If you are looking for that special gift for a loved one you may consider these incredible hand made designer stuffed animals from Sighfoo. They are made by re-purposing vintage clothing into these amazingly creative stuffed animals.3plushies youth shirts printed by monument limited toddler tee screen printing by monument limited

sighfoo-designer-toys-monument-limitedsighfoo-soft-hand-screen-print-monument-limited - Copy sighfoo-printed-shirt-monument-limited - Copy

Soft Hand Screen Printing

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