Soft feel t shirt printing

Soft feel t shirt printing – We can use discharge and water based ink to print graphics on shirt that feels like they are woven into the shirt

There are various printing techniques when it comes to printing t shirts.Screen printing is widely used fort shirt printing these days. The increased in the popularity is due to the fact that it is easy for the screen printer to get those catchy designs on the t shirts. In this process the water based ink is applied on the  t shirts. A mesh screen and stencil is designed for each of the color that is to be used in the design and allows the printing of high end designs on the t shirts. Many different effects can also be given to the design that will be printed using such a printer. This kind of printing depends of the number of colors that will be used in printing and can be stated as Soft feel t shirt printing.

This style of printing can be seen on the high streets as the cost of production for large number of screen printed t shirts is cheaper. The designs and colors are applied to the fabric using the technique known as heat tunnel curing which gives a perfect finish to the design. Using a printing press and squeegee each color has to be printed separately on the shirt using its own screen. If a large number of t shirts are to be printed with simple and attractive designs, screen printing is the ideal thing.

In comparison to the digital printing, screen printing is more versatile. In this the surface does not have to under any pressure for printing. Different inks can be used to print on variety of materials and this is the reason it is used in various industries. The colors are printed individually with a short span of period between two colors. This is done so that the colors do not spread and ruin the design. The screen printer is designed by keeping this aspect in mind. Printed t shirts are quite popular and what can be better if they cost less. The cost of a t shirt printed using a screen printer is low compared to the ones printed with traditional printers. This technique has been there since a long time but has been explored recently and it has brought down the cost of printing designs on various items.


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